Our beloved team fought hard to get to game seven of the Stanley Cup final and when they lost our City erupted in violence.

I work night shifts at a large law firm and received an email from my boss who was at home urging me to leave the office asap.   My office is about a block and a half  from where a riot had broken out.  There were approximately 100,000 people in the downtown core at the time.

I have tried to write about it but somehow none of the words that appear on the page can describe what happened, or the deep sadness I feel about this incident.  All I can say for now is that with millions of people around the world fighting for their lives, civil rights and peace, I feel shame that this happened here in a country where we can celebrate our freedom and can peacefully protest without repurcussion.  People around the globe kill (literally) for the right to a safe, peaceful home and for the civil liberties  we obviously take for granted.

I feel sick.


Day two of vacation

Lori’s house is beautiful.  Their front window looks over Osbourne Bay in Crofton.

Papa is tolerating Lily.

Lily is about seventy-five pounds!  Pretty cute girl.

Well Lori and I are off to go pick up chicken and cheesecake at Safeway.  In our pajamas of course!

Art that makes you smile


When I first saw the new art in the green space by ‘my’ ocean I didn’t like it.  The sculptures reminded me of a Simpson character.  I went by again today and took a good look these guys and they made me smile.

Art that makes you smile is a good thing.   Anything that makes you smile is a good thing.

The artist is Yue Minjun and this is an article in the blog Vancouver Biennale by writer Sean Cranbury about the sculptures and artist.