So much has happened in the last year or so while I was not writing.

Including, but not limited to:

  1. I have been having more than a casual flirtation with Veganism (but I admit to cheating on Vegan with her beautiful friend Vegetarian);
  2. I have made several job changes in quick succession, all of them positive and exciting – and scary;
  3. I am attempting to get a small business off the ground;
  4. I have attempted to learn how to juggle divorced parenting from the point of view of being a daughter with two fathers – one who died, one who has not been a huge part of my life (through no fault of his own); and as a mother who is helping her daughter navigate her relationship with her own estranged father;
  5. I have discovered the healing properties of marijuana(!);
  6. and last, but not least, I became a Grandma. 

The pregnancy, birth and month or so since Natalie came into my life has changed (yet again) how I view the world and the people I share it with.  I have a renewed sense of optimism.  Love.

I am hoping this list starts a conversation and leads me to the right place to start sharing one or two of these stories.

In the meantime, I am checking back in with all of YOU!  I have been spending an hour or so each evening crying, laughing, and engrossed in your adventures.

Blogworld, you’ve been missed~


The Weekend

My sister and stepbrother bought a great townhouse in Poco recently.  Tonight she had a barbecue.  Was fun.  Lots of family and family friends.  Her new place is gorgeous.


Tomorrow I am heading up to Whistler with nine other people to do this:

ZOOM Zip Line

The Evolution of Zip

Price: $89.99 (for all ages)

ZOOM combines the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the air with the breathtaking beauty of Cougar Mountain and the scenic coast range. Our unique system allows two guests to ride side-by-side, each on their own cable during a scenic three hour tour. Guests enjoy the comfort of paragliding harnesses while zipping through the old growth forest. The excursion includes five dual ziplines connected to each other by a network of trails. The largest zipline is over 1500’ in length, 400’ above the ground and offers a 200’ elevation drop from launch to landing, reaching speeds of up to 100km/hr (60mph).

Click here to see their website:  WildPlay Whistler