A little controversy in the figure skating world

I think the program is brilliant.  The crowd did too.  I doubt they meant any offence.  What do you think?

Article and video.




As I mentioned before I am now VP of the Board of my skating club.  My first meeting is tonight and I wish I had brought my camera with me!  I am sitting on the porch of the Pres’ house  waiting for the others to arrive.  Her house is adorable – painted blue with a purple door and a yard full of daisies.


So very cute!

The post where I brag!


I did it!

My first freeskate lesson in years!  Sandy *coach* asked me to do each jump (single) one by one.  I landed all of them until that silly lutz jump.  No worries I will get that one down again too!  My favourite jump is the flip jump.  I am hoping that I land a double eventually.  But after all these years landing a single today is a very good start!  Here is what a single flip looks like …