Tis the…



I always thought I was the Xmas earlybird.  December 1 – that is the date.   Decorating, shopping, planning, dreaming.  The season brings about feelings of comfort, home-life, love, family and those less fortunate.

I walked out tonight for my dinner walk with Junior and wow! there are lights up everywhere already! 

So, tis the Season! 

And here are items 3 to 6 on my 2009  wishlist!  One electronic item and the remainder from Bench (new Bench store in Pacific Centre).  Love that store!

a t.v. fit for a bachelor suite – size small please, any brand:

Bench Check It Zip Thru Jacket, black:

Bench Microfibre Daytripper, black:

Bench BBQ Jacket in, you guessed it, ha, kidding, this one in Gray:   =)