Dear Natalie

It’s almost 4:30 a.m.

The phone just rang (wrong number!) and woke me up. Annoyance quickly turned to joy as I peeked over the end of my bed and saw your little diaper bum up in the air in your playpen. Nana is so very happy that your daddy brought you to me last night!

Two whole sleeps! What shall we do? The world is ours for 48 hours and I can’t wait to set out on an adventure.

I love you very much little one. Back to sleep Nana goes.




Dear Natalie,

Nana loves you and is so lucky that I get to experience all your growing and changing and smiles and giggles. Thank you sweet angel for being the little bundle of energy and personality that brings a smile to my face each and every time you cross my mind. I’ve got your back little girl. Forever.


Dear Natalie: Firsts

Dear Natalie,

I have been lucky enough to hang out with you as much as I want and pretty much when I want.  I feel bonded to you in a way I couldn’t have predicted.

I love spending time with you – talking, dancing, walking, cuddling.  You must have endured hundreds and hundreds of kisses already!

I want to show you new things.

I took you on your first trip to the library.

I took you to the ocean the first time (and the second … third … and forth … ).

I want to be there for as many firsts as I can.

Today you sat on a patio in my neighbourhood with your mama, her friend Sammy and I and took in the sights of your first Zombie Walk.

That’s your Mama and Sammy.

And this is you sleeping through almost the whole thing!

Your mama and daddy are sweet enough to allow me to have you overnight at least once a week and sometimes I sleep over at your house so we can hang out.

I love when you wake up at my place.  You tuck your little knees up and your bum raises in the air and wiggles a bit … your head shifts from one side to another … I say “Good morning Natalie” … and then you start to shift your little arm under your waist and start pushing with one leg to flip yourself over on your back with a start … as if to say “Hi Nana, I am awake!  Let’s get going!”

I love my “Good Morning Nana” smiles.  There is nothing better than seeing your innocent smile first thing in the morning.

Your face shows me all the promise of a new day.

Your Nana loves you very much.