unrelated things

Some unrelated things that are going on in my life.  All of them are awesome, good and/or fun – even though some of them don’t sound like it.

  • Vegas
  • Murder
  • Sunshine
  • Organizing
  • Stairs
  • Glove

All of these are basically unrelated.  And good!  And lookey here how many tags they cover!


Help me fight for our lungs

I am going to climb the 48 stories of the Sheraton Wall Centre to help fight lung diseases.  I have asthma – luckily not an unmanageable case of it – but some people, (including children) struggle to breathe every day.  One of the most important people in my life died of lung cancer and many of my very good friends have been touched by other forms of lung disease. 

Help me fight for our lungs.  Check out my personal webpage at the BC Lung Association and sponsor me a few dollars!  Thanks so much.  If you have a story to share on the subject I would love to hear it.

Be healthy.  And thanks.

Olympic thoughts

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Host of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games.

I was talking with a neighbour this morning about the athletes, coaches, fans and equipment that will be coming in and out of the airport during February 2010.

It occurred to me that a lot of these athletes get donated clothing, accessories and sports equipment from their sponsors.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they donated it to local organizations instead of lugging it back home?  How many kids (and parents) would appreciate donated clothing and equipment to help bear the cost of being part of their favourite sport?  Imagine the advantages our school sports programs would have to receive free items to boost their struggling programs?

Perhaps this is already done?  Dont know.  Just a thought though.