Rather inspiring


Long story short:

I dated a girl (Jen) who had a friend named Rachel.  I didn’t know Rachel well but liked her – she was very different.  I couldn’t place quite why I felt that way it was just a pleasant feeling I experienced around her.  When I say different I mean it in the most positive sense of the word.  This girl did not follow regular conventions for relationships, work, thoughts and finally, travel.

This was some two and a half years ago.  Maybe longer.  Probably longer.  My timelines are blurry.  The girls (Jen and Rachel) had taken off with another friend on a cross Canada roadtrip where Jen was going to cycle a good portion of the way and meet up with the other two to camp out and site see etc at pre-determined locations. 

But I am getting off track.  This is not what I want to write about.

I stumbled on Rachel’s facebook page today and noticed she had been writing a blog (YAY!).

This is no ordinary blog.

About the time Jen and I ended things Rachel was heading off to Abu Dhabi with her mother for two and a half months to teach English (I think thats what the idea was).  When I stumbled on her blog through her facebook page I realized she is still there and writing about all her adventures!  Colour me excited.  Click on the link, its pretty amazing to see what this Canadian girl is up to.


Here we go again

I haven’t blogged for quite some time.

I think I may need to blog.  It seems to keep me on track.  Letting things in, getting things out.  Looking forward to catching up with my blogging friends once again.

You’ve been missed blogging world.

Do you remember Spirographs?

I loved these things as a kid.  This may make me sound old but I think that kids are losing out on developing their creativity because these types of toys are no longer cherished.  Just a thought.