See how quiet it is?


I am sold.  Hook, line and sinker.

I believe that practicing mindfulness is beneficial to both my physical and mental health.  I know this will sound like a sorry excuse; but I also believe that a quiet state of mind is hard to achieve when your thoughts run you ragged from mental illness.  Ragged to the point you can’t even catch a single thought.  Not a pity party, just the facts.

Mindfulness has been a part of my life for a couple of years now, so the excuse is lazy, because I know that mindfulness helps bring that MOFO of a runaway brain back to centre, even if only for a short time.  I go through spurts where I remember more often and times when I manage to do it daily and more.  The more I practice mindfulness the easier it becomes.  Just have to do it.  More.  Frequently. Always.  Lots.

I am doing a road trip for the month of August and I have a goal that I am hoping will help me achieve what I want for the next part of my life.  I want to boost my use of mindfulness skills and commit myself to frequent, daily moments, minutes, of mindful practice however much I can achieve, as long as it’s often.  I believe that if I can train my brain and make Mindfulness one of the biggest parts of how I look after my health, that I will see results.

I have learned to command my thoughts to be still; my lips to have a softer slower sound, and I have successfully encouraged my steps to be purposefully slow and sure, and it always makes me feel better, even for only a short time.  It is a difficult habit to acquire and I would be happy if I achieve success fifty percent of my attempts at having a quiet head.

My hope, and gift to myself, is that Mindfulness becomes an automatic setting in my brain rather than a daily go-to.

Road trip!

Wish me luck, this should be a (bitter)sweet journey.


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