My sweet angel

Its almost 1:00 a.m. and I should be sleeping but Im waiting for you to open your eyes like this again!  I love the smile you give when you focus and recognize me.  I love the way you mimic my lip movements when I talk to you.  I love the way you coo and try to talk in your own special language.

Oh and the snorts.  Geeze, are you related to PapaPug?! =)

My sweet grandbaby.

Thank you for being you.


3 thoughts on “My sweet angel

  1. Hello there!!! Me and my cat Charlie have been paired up with you for Christmas in July! I am so sorry but we’ve only discovered this today and are completely at a loss as to what to do next!!

    I think your grandbaby is absolutely adorable!!

    Well if you would like to email me your address, please do so! I was thinking doggie treats and such but there’s a baby here and I’m really at a loss what to get now! LOL!!

    Have a great weekend, sorry about this – but this is truly my first time with the Christmas in July thing! Take care

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