Our beloved team fought hard to get to game seven of the Stanley Cup final and when they lost our City erupted in violence.

I work night shifts at a large law firm and received an email from my boss who was at home urging me to leave the office asap.   My office is about a block and a half  from where a riot had broken out.  There were approximately 100,000 people in the downtown core at the time.

I have tried to write about it but somehow none of the words that appear on the page can describe what happened, or the deep sadness I feel about this incident.  All I can say for now is that with millions of people around the world fighting for their lives, civil rights and peace, I feel shame that this happened here in a country where we can celebrate our freedom and can peacefully protest without repurcussion.  People around the globe kill (literally) for the right to a safe, peaceful home and for the civil liberties  we obviously take for granted.

I feel sick.


3 thoughts on “Destruction

  1. Really unbelievable. I was stunned to hear the reports out of Vancouver. A couple of people I follow on Twitter (Rosemary Rowe and Streetcar Chronicles) were tweeting about it and echoed your sentiments.

    Truly shocking. And sad.

  2. I don’t understand getting so enraged over a game. Yes, it sucks to lose but to take it out on your city and neighbors? It confounds me. I am glad you are safe. It is really just so sad.

  3. E: it was shocking, I really didn’t think it would happen again.
    S: it really had nothing to do with hockey at all … it was a bunch of losers using hockey as an excuse … it was too many people (100,000), fuelled by alchohol, and a few individuals with a plan to start the fires no matter the outcome of the game. Then the mob mentality took over.

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