A pleasing personality

I am the woman who smiles nicely as I excitedly walk away, task in hand to please you.  Whatever “You”, You are, I aim to please.   Mother, daughter, lover, friend, employer, co-worker, stranger, friend.  I aim to be liked.  I want to please. 

If you are happy, I am happy. 

Or so I thought.

Am I happy – or am I relieved that you are happy?

You always seem to be happy with me until I can’t do it.  Until I disagree.  Until I can’t do it fast enough or just plain don’t want to.  Or until I express my feelings on a subject.  Once it no longer looks like I was put on this earth to help or agree or fix something.  Once I open my mouth or don’t appear to be bending over backwards to aim to please, I am nothing.

You turn.

It changes.

I don’t know if its my age or what but sometimes I have to say what is on my mind too.  Sorry if that displeases you.


5 thoughts on “A pleasing personality

  1. Look for the pleasure in saying “No.” It may be hard to find at first, but after a while it feels good to say it.
    We (girls and women) are over-socialized. It isn’t in our best interest to always please others, but it is difficult to turn it around and please ourselves. Worth it, though!

  2. I used to be a big-time people pleaser. At least I tried to be – sometimes when trying to balance who wanted what, i’d end up pleasing no one, including myself. And then, one day, I just found it too exhausting emotionally, and stopped. I became selfish. I did what I wanted. It annoyed, and even hurt, some people at first – especially my family… And then they got used to it, and now they respect it and even ask me advice sometimes about how to set boundaries! This is not to say that I won’t give a hand or join in sometimes when I’m feeling borderline, but I just think trying too hard to please others is a losing game, for all involved, in the end.

  3. R: So very well put! I think the more pleasing the personality the more one expects to receive from you! haha, IM DONE! =)

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