Am being a bit cliche here

But it has to be said.

Its been on my mind lately. . .  Time flies.

It is going too fast.  I dont worry about getting old, looking old or age at all except when I think about time.  Lack of time.  I really need more time.  I want to do, see and experience so many things and I am wondering how I will fit it all in.  I try to live, move and breathe in every moment I have, no matter where I am and what I am doing.   But the simple fact is there is only so much time.

To make this post even more cliche I will admit I am thinking about the whole ‘bucket list’ thing.  Tell me … do you have a bucket list?  A life list?  A to-do list (not the one your significant other leaves you)?  Link to it in the comments if you do … I’m curious where you all stand on this subject.

 Bye loveys.


4 thoughts on “Am being a bit cliche here

  1. I don’t have a bucket list, just that I want to travel more.

    I do find myself wondering where the time went. Seems like we—we are about the same age, right?—are at that stage where we aren’t old, but we damn sure aren’t young.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this. But, yeah, I’m thinking about *it*.

  2. It’s cliche for a reason ~ it’s true! Time is racing by like a 4 man bobsled. Whoosh! Gone! Didn’t even see it pass!

    I don’t have a specific bucket list but there are lots of things I still want to do. My biggest ‘issue’ right now is all the time I waste by working 40 hours a week. That’s prime doing stuff time! If only I could maintain my income without going to work… haven’t figured that one out yet, though.

  3. Syd, yes, I think we are near the same age. I will be 41 this year. I feel like I’ve worked so hard and closed my eyes to so much going on around me when I was just getting through life. I dont do that now, I have my eyes wide open to enjoy but like you said, we aren’t young!

    Rainwolf, thats a good idea, choosing who you want to be around the most and do it!

    e, you are right, the 40 hour work week is long! The happiest people I have met along the way are always people that chose their profession through their passions. Not always easy to do though. Life sometimes chooses for you!

    All in all I am trying to instill in Megan, my daughter to work hard but to play hard too. to enjoy and not sweat so much along the way.

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