On being the opposite of sexy …

So I decided to go for it and get my hair cut short.   Short short.  I love it! 

Now this hairstyle can go either way so you gotta be careful.  You can look like a 12 year old boy or a sexy mama with the long neck.  Its a really fine line!  I decided to rock the long neck today.  Megan gave me a manicure Sunday (Motherhood finally paying off!) with gorgeous red polish – I decided to wear my black and red shirts layered with a black pencil skirt and high heeled boots.  Vavavoom!


Without me realizing it  the zipper in my skirt gave way.  It stayed shut on the top and on the bottom so it just nicely revealed my lovely, lovely granny bins!  Gah.  My coworker was all ‘Kelly!  What the heck is going on back there!”.  Gah.  Omg!

Back to 12 year old boy in a hurry.

A 12 year old boy with granny bin undies no less!


3 thoughts on “On being the opposite of sexy …

  1. Are we talking Dorothy Hamill or Louise Brooks? If I beg, perhaps we could have a photo? Please? Pretty please?

    I don’t think anyone will ever take you for a 12 year old boy! You are far too lovely!


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