Dear Megan

I want you to know that I am proud of you.  Not only are you working hard in school (yay!) – you are also:

  • working hard at your job
  • working hard on a relationship
  • working hard in your home life
  • working hard on your relationships with your family and friends …

and still you find it in yourself to work hard to be  a better, harder working even more loving person daily.  The way you make people feel is a gift. 

It isn’t always easy to put others first.  And you do it daily.  Sometimes in big ways.  Sometimes in small ways.

Today, the gesture of texting mama while you were busy at work to give a shout out about Joannie and her tough skate was so sweet.  You knew mama was watching and excited and it made my day that you thought of me enjoying my passion – no complaining about being at work, just a shout out to mama enjoying herself. 

Love you little one.



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