Day three of vacation

Big day!  Just the highlight for you …


6 thoughts on “Day three of vacation

  1. Ok, yes, that is my back but not technically my tattoo. If you look closely you can see an old rose under ‘her’. The idea is to get rid of that rose by covering it up with a goddess. This is actually the free hand drawing on my back of what my fabulous artist wants to do – but just the base. She will have a robe and a chaise and will be much more goddessy than ‘floozy’. From this free hand drawing he has started the outline – an hour at a time – next hour hopefully next month. I am excited about it. But technically the drawing you see is just a base idea of where we are going with the art – with the main goal to obliterate that rose! lol

  2. Vines and flowers climbing and trailing… but maybe you don’t want flowers, since you are covering up a rose. I’m thinking morning glory type flowers.

  3. vines and flowers sound pretty, very Roman. Morning glories. Cannot remember what they look like though. My favourite is a peony but in my mind it is such a modern flower… maybe not goddess like? hm. Im going to go google morning glories!

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