People kind of suck sometimes

Somebody really got a rise out of my hackles yesterday.  I was happily walking my dog down my quiet street when a Lexus suv whizzed past us (well over the speed limit of our walking community) screeched to a halt and layed on his horn, all the while swearing at an old homeless guy that was crossing the road with his cart full of his worldly possessions.

It was raining.  Pouring actually.  And Lexus guy had been delayed.  Boohoo.

I felt a bit of the anger shake.  This man was foul.  He didn’t look foul on the outside, but inside – Foul.  He should have felt happy, safe, warm and dry in his shiny Lexus but instead he was ugly and angry.  Would it have hurt him to just slow down for a second and let the guy make his way across?  Did he need to add name calling to the honking?   

I may have walked past the parked Lexus a few minutes later and may have mentioned that I thought it was really disgusting the way he treated that man.

Apparently I was wrong.  Apparently I am just a bleeding heart and I don’t see the big picture.

So be it.  Because if that is what the big picture looks like, I dont want to see it.



4 thoughts on “People kind of suck sometimes

  1. syd: Yup, I got in his face a little. But I looked nuts. Walking my dog in my pajama bottoms and gum boots. Ah, who cares eh?! =)

    Cheek. Yeah add Pug poop to the scene… on his pretty Lexus. Chuckle!

  2. I was kinda thinking pug poo would enhance the look of his lexus, too.

    I can’t stand people like that! Ugly punk arsehole. Good for you for calling him on it.

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