The intent was there

In an attempt to tighten my belt after wild Christmas spending I schlepped off to the grocery store this morning with my granny cart and the pre-requisite grocery shopping outfit:  sweat pants, fake uggs and a ratty sweatshirt.  Classy. 

By the time I finished shopping I was beyond hungry and the thought of cooking my own breakfast wasn’t quite as appealing as it was an hour ago.

Enter ? Cafe.  Darn that brain of mine.  I can remember what was on their menu board yesterday (cranberry panckakes) but I cannot remember the name of the actual restaurant!  Gah, I will probably remember the name at three in the morning when I am supposed to be sleeping!

I dragged my granny cart into the restaurant and ordered my food to go – PapaPug would never forgive me if I ate bacon without him.  While sitting there waiting for my food I picked up a small printed ‘paper’.  The kind you used to find in small town restaurants typically highlight local news, horoscope, gossip and ads.  This particular paper was different.   This one made me chuckle.  It is called the “Elated News“.  The idea being only good news, no drama.  Mandate:

“We actually deliver positive news, enlightening humour, inspired editorials and motivating articles.”

I was skeptical.  Humans seem to gravitate towards drama.  Its just in their nature.

I was wrong.

 This paper was entertaining, thoughtful and downright funny. 

I invite you to check out Quinton Carlin.  He was a contributor to this edition of the Elated News.   An excerpt from his article, C.N.N. – Constant Negative News:

Thee years ago I started a 90 day media fast.  No newspapers, no TV and no celebrity gossip for 3 months!  How did I ever survive?  I not only survived, I thrived.  After those 90 days I never picked up the remote or newspaper again.

It made me wonder if he would have a firm grip on the happenings in the world, but after a bit of blog stalking, he seems to not only have a firm grasp on the realities of the world but an interesting take on a variety of subjects.  Too be quite honest, I expected him to be an older, different sort of man after reading his column, don’t know why, I just did.  As usual I was wrong.  Colour me surprised when I found a young, very good looking guy staring back at me from his blog.  Check it out. 


Ok, all.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.  I know I did!


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