A bullet list

I am feeling a little bit lazy.  So here is just a random list of thoughts:

  • Do you think Tiger ever thought his five iron would be used as a weapon against him?
  • Why is it when men cheat is rarely with a woman hotter than his wife?
  • Going to the Giants’ Teddy Bear Toss tomorrow night with my sister.  If you are not a Vancouverite click HERE to see what this is.  And here is a picture of the ice with all the Bears for charity on it.  So fun!

  • Im waiting for snow.  I would give anything to wake up to a nice foot of the white stuff!
  • Sunday I will be at Kerrisdale Arena with my judging mentor.  I am training for the second half of my primary Skate Canada promotion – learning to evaluate on test days!  I should be thanking him with a gift  but he is such a nice guy he is bringing me a bottle of homemade Pinot Gris!
  • Megan (my daughter) got called out by Syd for lurking on her blog without commenting!  haha Meg.  I’d like to say that it wasn’t my fault.  But it was! hehe  Im trying to figure out who will be the worst influence on who?  I figure they’ll both get an education of some sort!

Thats it.  Thats all I’ve got.

Have a great weekend and wish for snow in Vancouver!  Just do it!


5 thoughts on “A bullet list

  1. We have a teddy bear toss here too. We only have the low ranking Winterhawks for a hockey team, but the teddy toss supports the children’s hospital where I work. We sure appreciate it!

    Didn’t Skate Canada happen a week or so ago? I was watching some of it on tv…

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