Tres cool

My daughter Megan will be attending Blanche MacDonald Academy in January.  She qualified for a student loan and a grant!  yay Megan.

Today a friend of hers that already attends Blanche used Megan as a model to practice transforming young to old.  This is seriously cool.  This is my baby girl as an old wrinkly lady! 

Megan as old lady


5 thoughts on “Tres cool

  1. Scary!

    Yay for your daughter. I wish mine was heading in some direction… almost any direction would do…. instead of trailing around after her boyfriend. Go Megan!

  2. e- sometimes its hard for girls to disatract themselves!! I think for most people (well for me for sure) it just clicks one day and you want more for yourself 🙂 feeling like im growing up is scary! >_<

    cheek- it is super scary!! it takes about fifteen minutes for the wrinlkes to fade even after you take all the latex off! worried me a little for sure =)

  3. dont lick the ferrets: thanks, she does look cool eh?

    e: everyone does it on their own time, i know it took me a heck of a lot longer than my daughter took.

    cheek: I know, knowing her almost as well I do did it strike you hard seeing such a real looking bruise??? caught my breath a little when I first saw it…

    megan: You know how proud I am of you. I have a feeling this is just a first step in what is going to be an adventurous life for you!

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