Christmas Wish List 2009: items 1 and 2

power tie

First of all I admit that what drew me to the tie is the really hot girl in the Ford Commercial that had it slung around her neck.

Then I did some internet digging and liked what I read.

And saw.

Ford has quite a breast cancer campaign going and it isn’t simply selling a tie/shirt or some other bric a brac with Breast Cancer attached to the sell. 

They put some thought in what is behind the picture in the campaign and the campaign itself.  Im impressed.





Case in point:

symbols of the warrior






Pretty cool eh?

If  you have a minute check out the Warriors in Pink website here.

If you know me and know that I start my Christmas Wish List early – count the Warriors tshirt and the tie as items one and two!  Pretty please with sugar on top.

warrior t

And if you are Syd, please help me find the commercial somewhere on the net.  I wanted to post it and couldn’t find it!  I figured if there is a hot chick involved you would continue the sleuthing for me!  Everyone go pay some love to Syd to convince her the commercial needs to be found!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List 2009: items 1 and 2

  1. I haven’t seen the tie, but I’m wearing the scarf from this year’s race right now!

    Come on, Syd. Counting on your hot chick finding abilities!

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