I turned 40 yesterday! Wow, that number snuck up fast when I wasn’t looking!  Thanks for all the texts, emails, facebook comments and love I received from everyone all day long.


I was spoiled.  I got the beautiful watch I was asking for from my mom and Keith:



I spent the day with my mom and Megan at Granville Island.  Mmmm perogies and kolbassa for lunch.


I went for a little boat ride in the harbour (I live in such a beautiful city) and when I got home there was a lovely (humungous) bouquet of flowers waiting for me from the two lawyers I work for.  Attached to the flowers was a note from them that made me feel appreciated for the work I do every day. 


My best bud and my step-mom and dad gave me a very generous amount of spending money.  I haven’t decided what I am going to get yet, but have lots of ideas!   One of the things I have in the back of my mind to buy is a Skate Canada coat.  A long warm one.  With a pair of warm fuzzy boots to match.  Three guesses why I might need warm, fuzzy boots and a Skate Canada coat?? 


A couple of months ago I took a course at the SummerSkate competition at the Centre of Excellence in Burnaby.   You are looking at a Skate Canada Judge who is qualified to judge Preliminary and Novice skaters in Canada!  I am so excited.  My first competition is in Chilliwack for the BC Coast Competition at the end of October.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time. 


skate canada

This decade is shaping up to be pretty special.  Thanks to all of you loved ones that are spending the fun times with me and providing a helping hand when I need a little lift.  You are loved.


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