Please Explain

I dont understand why its any of our business who David Letterman sleeps with.  Unless he used and abused his power or position over someone, what do we care?


I know this is an unpopular sentiment but I didn’t think it was anyone but Hillary’s business who Bill slept with either.


As far as I know (admitting to limited knowledge on this subject), David Letterman has never asked to, or claimed to be, a role model for the masses who watch his show.  The show is pure entertainment.  And the guy is funny!  He gets paid to make the people that tune in to watch him laugh.  Simple as that. 


I welcome any other information or an opinion to the contrary, but for now I believe that his sexual escapades are between him and whoever he shares his bed/car/desk with.  =)


3 thoughts on “Please Explain

  1. ‘am with you on that one….i wonder what it is in us that collectively, we seem to love to pronounce judgement on each other, especially for perceived sexual “misdeeds”….

    perhaps it’s the anti-sex legacy left by those puritans who ran away from europe to land on the american east coast so long ago….

    or perhaps, people to point fingers, and “tsk, tsk” at others because it provides them with a false sense of their own superiority….

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