Sometimes a lifetime of looking at a troubling situation from the different views of the stages of life provides perspective.   Child eyes, innocent youthful eyes, angry teen eyes, young adult “I know it all” eyes and then the calm of your supposedly adult eyes.  Sometimes it skews the situation further  –  so far that you do not know which side is real anymore.  Or what is right.  Or how not to let it slide to the next one in line.


The initial instinct of my teen eyes is the one that creeps back most often.  The view that is fueled by feelings rather than logic.


These thoughts remind me of a quote that I’ve posted on here before.  One from a smart friend:


“When someone shows you who they are – believe them.”


And another one I heard this morning:


“Do not sink to that level.  Perhaps at some point he/she will rise to yours.”


I think that is all I have to say today.  Here is a song I heard this morning that I haven’t heard in ages.  Enjoy!



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