My favourite long weekend of the year.


I love the fall.  The rain, the earthy smell of the city, the leaves, the wind!  I love all the cozy evenings cuddled up under a thick blanket.  Oh blanket buddy where are you?!  The skating, the hockey and all those noisy kids back at school finally!


Around 8 pm last night Junior and I went for a walk up Denman Street.  It was raining and I expected all to be quiet in the West End. 




The Dover had their regular house/cover band going strong and everyone in the Pub was all smiles and boozy-happy despite the rain.  Vancouverites dont let a little rain/windstorm stop the fun!  Junior and I continued on down the other side of Denman heading towards those potatoes … as we passed by Central Bistro the windows had that rainy, hazy candlelight glow  and the sounds of a local jazz band playing.  I was tempted to throw some jeans on Junior and sneak him in for a blueberry tea or ten… but we pushed on with a very specific destination in mind.  Potatoes!  


But before we could get to the potatoes, the sound of Flamenco music at Dulcinea stopped us again.  I love my neighbourhood!


Im telling you, Denman had it going on on this rainy Sunday!  The street was alive with flushed faces and music and strollers and doggies – it was wonderful!


The whole point of our walk was to go to Mr. Kumpir for the second time this weekend!  I love this place and recommend it wholeheartedly.  For $3.99 you find yourself with a full meal in a potato!  They have about 50 toppings and you get three choices for your $3.99.


I know what you are thinking.  Potatoes. 

Boring …


Just go there.  Do it.  These things taste so yummy, beyond all logical explanation …

Just do it.

Because I said so and I am often right. =)


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