I read a blog called Zenhabits.  The author if Zenhabits has provided me with a lot of ideas for living with less ‘clutter’ in my life.   A lot of the ideas are easier said then done but definitely thought provoking.  Take a peek at the site when you have a moment.


Below is a story posted in the comment section – it makes great sense.

A fisherman lies on the beach napping when a man comes along.
-Why are you lying here, it’s only 11 in the morning!
-I’ve already caught enough fish to feed my family today.
-Well, if you worked until evening you could catch enough fish to take to the market and sell them.
-And then?
-With the money you could buy a better boat and bigger net and catch even more fish. You would make even more money, get someone to work for you and so on.
-I see. And then?
-Then you would be rich and didn’t have to work. You could then just lie on the beach.
-And what do you think I am doing right now?


4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Did he make enough clothes for his family ? Or generate enough eclectricity ? I bet his wife yells at him for coming home with more stinking fish, when they really need a lightbulb…snicker….

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