6:59 p.m.

And I am so ready for bed!   Why is it I feel like I should stay up?  Im a big girl, I can go to bed when I want to!!



4 thoughts on “6:59 p.m.

  1. my sis-in law would force herself to stay awake because she felt like she would “miss something” if she went to bed early….but she couldn’t figure out what it was she was going to miss…:)

  2. I spent years going to bed at sunrise or even after; one of my newfound joys is getting to bed before midnight when I can!

    Of course, I’m still not much for getting up…



  3. Jo, I actually never worry about missing anything but when I fell asleep I actually DID miss something … gah!

    Alan: gosh you worked nightshift all your life? good grief your internal clock must be all turned around!

  4. Yes, from the time I went aboard the Kittyhawk in November of ’73 until I retired from GM last year, I spent less than 6 months working dayshift hours…

    It’s still easy for them to slip back!


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