Aha! I knew it!

I’ve been told me that my little man Junior is kind of ugly.

I dont see it.  I think he is beautiful and charming!

Alas!  Leave it to Oprah  help me  prove just how stylin’, beautiful and charming Pugs are… yesterday she had a special on Valentino (the famous designer).  He has FIVE Pugs that he doesn’t leave home without!

If the breed is good enough to be a member of the Valentino family then the breed is definitely good enough to be part of ours!

Look at this video of his babies Milton, Molly, Margot, Maude and Monty.  So cute!



5 thoughts on “Aha! I knew it!

  1. Oh beauty is very definitely in the eye of the beholder. I had this discussion the other week at the ski club about pugs as there was one there. Lots of people were saying how cute and beautiful he was and others thought he was ugly. I think they are rather sweet – but I am not a dog person. But as dogs go they are a bit different and I rather like that!

  2. rb: You have to meet Junior, you will be an instant doggie lover!

    Syd: I know! Now I want five of them too!

    E: Im not sure about all the stuff he does with them in the video… not sure doggies need to wear earrings!

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