Welcome to Vancouver

Friends… please help me give a big hearty “welcome to Vancouver” to my very good friend Lush.  She said good bye to her job and her home  (in another  faraway rainy city), packed up her life and bravely did it! 

She is here!

She secured herself a WONDERFUL  new job and is moving into her swank new apartment this weekend.  I am so excited to finally have her here in Vancouver – perhaps she can get me in some trouble for once! 

Lush is not only a good friend, she is a great writer – read her here.  You will see on her most recent post that on a trip down to Van to apartment hunt she already succumbed to the lunch craze that is JAPADOG.  =)  But dont hold that against her!

Big hugs girl.  Welcome.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Vancouver

  1. thank you so much sweetie! it is so great to be be here….finally! now if only the apartment pixies will unpack and set up my new apartment…. 🙂

  2. Im more realistic about these types of things. Do one box d day there are much more fun things to do on your month off than unpack!

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