Kill me now

It started innocently enough.


Walked into our lunchroom mid afternoon a couple days in a row to find our office services girl taking her break watching reruns of a certain show


A couple days later find myself purposely going into the lunchroom at that same time to get a glass of water and end up talking about the certain show


That then lead to questions about how the certain show came about, discussions about her hair (know who yet?) and finally I hit rock bottom …


… I find myself at home last night googling Youtube to find old episodes of this.  Dammit.  WTF?  What is WRONG with me??


UPDATE  9:15 pm

Crap, Kate has a blog.  Im doomed.


2 thoughts on “Kill me now

  1. I knew as soon as you said something about her hair…
    It’s addicting – like a bad train wreck. Supposedly they’re getting divorced now so maybe the show will finally end & put us all out of our misery.

  2. I do think it is sad though if they split. The early pictures of them look so innocent and loving. Its like they caught a train that never stopped moving forward with them on it but left their true selves and their love behind. OMG listen to me!

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