Garbage Dog

I walked to Whole Foods today and picked up a half chicken dinner for me and the furries.  They both love chicken.  Fatty McFat Pug would keep eating and eating and eating until he blew up though.

We finish and  I put the empty container on the coffee table and Pug looks at me with the begging eyes.  “All Gone” I say.  After a  few minutes he skulks around the coffee table watching me from one eye and the other eye on a morsel he has spotted on the corner of the table.

A few minutes later he hops up on the (new!) couch and stares at the morsel.  Drool.

He finally stretches out with back paws on the couch, front paws on the table and quick as a fat bunny grabs the ….

… Kale!  haha

All that work for nothing!


2 thoughts on “Garbage Dog

  1. We never gave Angel table scraps until she turned 12; a larger dog, we had never had one live that long. Now, at almost 14, she will munch on her food through the day, but only after she’s absolutely sure that some of our dinner won’t be hers will she finally “eat”!

    She started having trouble with one hip last year and despite MSM and our trying to get her to lay somewhere soft instead of as close as she can get to us, she has good days and bad, like any 100-something would.

    I’m glad you have your treasures to keep you company!


  2. That is funny. Junior does the same thing. When he finally realizes that my “All Gone’s” actually mean its ALL GONE … he goes off to his kibble.

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