Monday in almost April


Vancouver is just as Vancouver should be in (almost) April.  It is raining, cherry blossom buds are full and ready to burst at the bloom, the colourful rainboots are afoot and the Lululemon raincoats are everywhere.  Who me?  Of course I have both.  Im a Vancouverite.  Lululemon raincoat in black and pink, gray and black gumboots that say “Love Life”. 

Its a nice night to sit on the couch with Junior and watch Jeopardy under the patchwork quilt made with the loving hands of an old friend.   And ooops gotta run The Big Bang Theory is starting! 

Hope you all are snuggled up with you and yours tonight.


2 thoughts on “Monday in almost April

  1. nice to see you back in the blog world by the way…your voice has been missed….
    ahhh….cherry blossoms trees….(sigh)

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