Earth Hour – were your lights out?

Junior and I got up this morning and started our walk  up the alley behind an ugly apartment building in the next block.  Junior stopped to pee on the fence and suddenly the morning was different. . .  There was singsong all around us.

These beautiful little birdies had taken up residence in the bare trees in the apartment building’s back yard and they were singsonging our Saturday morning in.

Twas lovely.  There are definitely worse ways to start your day.

I haven’t blogged for awhile.  Decided I wanted a  fresh start with a new blogger name, a new blog and hopefully a bunch of new adventures.  I hope you will all come along.

Oh and today was the day to participate in Earth Hour.  My lights were out.

Were yours?


8 thoughts on “Earth Hour – were your lights out?

  1. Actually, they weren’t because Dottie had just come home from work and we were eating…somewhere I know there’s a lightning bolt with my name on it!

    I thought spring was in full swing here, tulips almost a foot tall and budded, but right now they’re covered, I have snow and sleet on the ground and it’s going to be 20F. tonight!

    You just never know!

    I’m glad to find you again!


  2. Oh Alan. Happy to chit chat with you. I have no idea what 20 F means … I deal in celsius up here! We have had snow here recently too. … not much spring going on but if those birdies were any indication its almost time! Thanks for making the first comment on the new blog! Oh and I am quite sure you do enough good in this world by being who you are that the fact that you didnt get those lights out wont make a dent in the good deeds you do! =)

  3. I have to go find a converter or look at my indoor/outdoor thermometer in my bedroom…-6C is their prediction by morning.

    Monday it was close to 26C.!

    Thank you for coming to find me!


  4. My lights were off! Yey! And while I was staring out the window judging my non-earthy neighbors, my car rolled itself out of my driveway… 😀

    I’m glad you’re blogging again. 🙂

  5. My lights were DEFINITELY off as I think I was into a 14 mile run at the time :).

    Really glad to have a chance to read over your blog and will defo be checking out your older entries.

    I was just thinking the other morning how wonderful it is that the birds are ‘back’. I love that time in Spring with the earth is waking up and suddenly, even though the trees are still naked, without warning you’re outside in the morning and you can hear them. The birds. They’re singing endlessly and everything is all right again. We’ve survived another winter. We’ve come out on the otherside and there is something so poignant, so sweet about that birdsong.

    Love the juxtaposition of you and Junior behind the ugly building and the singing. How perfect a paradox.

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